Entire Clearance Sale for

Saturday at Blackpool

The Trades Club

Chadwick St

Due to work committments and a not being able to put 110% into my birds i have decided to call it a day and offer for sale in open auction my entire team of stock birds, old birds and 2006 young birds nothing will be retained this is an entire clearence sale and one that i hand on heart can honestly say that many winners will come from,the class of my janssen based pigeons are second to none, they represent the best money can buy and you will see for yourselves the quality and class these outstanding pigeons are of, once you see and handle them.......I only race young birds and have done for several years so i have some outstanding 1,2,3 & 4yrolds that would grace any loft in the country, perfect shape,size,feather quality,balance,intelligence and perfect in every aspect one requires in good quality class pigeons.there are 3 open race winners in the sale and all the money winners that scored in the young bird national and classic races for me,all the stock birds that bred my entire team of birds were the stock birds of one of the very best performing lofts in this country CHRIS BALSON his results and performances at the very top level of racing are well documented and he has the greatest respect from the cream of this countrys elite fanciers, in 1999 chris moved house and did not have another one to move into straight away so chris knowing me well and knowing i had empty lofts gave me his entire team of stock birds that had cost him thousands of pounds to put together, anyone who knows chris will know this man settles for nothing less then the best regardless of cost if he wants it he buys it, so how could i refuse a once in a life time oppurtunity, so the entire team of chris balsons stock came to my lofts in late 1999 and they remained with me until 2003/4, the first round was always for chris and all the rest were for me, these birds remained with me for 4-5 years producing winners every single year without fail, below you will see the photo's of the birds i had in my lofts,direct children of the champions or g/children of champions, the very best of BERTIE CAMPHUIS, MARCEL SANGERS, PETER VAN OSCH, BORGMAN BRO'S, MIKE & JOHN STADDON FORMERLY STADDON BRO'S, TONY HEYNES RANMOOR LOFTS, TERRY HUDSON, ERIC HIGGINBOTTOM,BRIAN KEEGAN,VAN HERMET & OWERKERK ( H&O ) & JOHN GERAD
my birds were all bred from the following direct pigeons that chris had purchased take a look below and make your own minds up to the class and quality of the parents to my birds, children of champion pigeons, very rarely do birds bred this way come onto the market, but yes this time they are. intotal there will be 105 birds, stock,old birds and 2006 young bird team,lines of the very best of Bertie camphuis, Marcel Sangers,Borgman Bro's de klaks,van loons from Tony heynes,i have included some photo's of the parents of my birds for you to have some idea what is on offer and from who.12/21/2006 ALSO IN THE SALE I WILL HAVE MANY BRED FROM THE BEST AVAILABLE DEKLAK LINES ALL BRED FROM DIRECT DEKLAKS OF THE BORGMAN BRO’S, MANY UNMENTIONED ACE PRODUCERS LIKE THE FELIX PAUWELS HEN DAM TO COUNTLESS WINNERS, THE PACKERS HEN, SMUDGER SMITHS DEKLAK HEN, PLUS A HOST OF THE VERY BEST OF STADDON BRO’S STOCKLOFT PURCHASED BY CHRIS IN BOTH1998 AND 1999 OVER 40 WERE PURCHASED, THERE WILL BE MANY FROM THE 6 G/CHILDREN OF THE DEKLAK ACE THE 613, ALSO FROM G/CHILDREN OF DE 25 DOUBLE NATIONAL WINNER PLUS MANY MANY MORE ACE LINES OF THE VERY BEST OF DEKLAK JANSSENS ALSO ONE OR 2 SPECIALS NOT YET MENTIONED, IT WILL BE A SALE WORTH ATTENDING WINNERS AND MORE WINNERS WILL COME FROM THIS FANTASTICTEAM OF JANSSEN PIGEONS.